different wood colors in one room

How to Mix Wood Tones in Your Home Like a Designer- different wood colors in one room ,1/2/2021· In this living room, for instance, the light warm wood floors are complemented with a dark, almost inky, walnut chair and plenty of medium wood tones on the piano and ceiling beams. Playing with contrast adds visual interest and gives a design more depth while repeating shades (like the warm wood floors and matching accent chairs) gives the space some continuity.How to Mix Wood Tones Like a Pro - Amish Outlet Store16/5/2016· One way to mix wood tones is to anchor a room by putting like-colored wood on opposite ends. If your bed frame is a dark maple, then put lighter-colored nightstands on either side to provide a unique contrast and a sense of balance. Your dark living room furniture can be surrounded by lighter-colored, built-in shelves to make a bold statement.

5 General Rules to Mixing Wood Tones - Yellow Brick Home

13/3/2019· Variations in tone, grain, finish, and scale should all be considered when tossing different species of wood in a space. After posting about the update to our recently modified media console , we received a question from a reader in search of some guidance on mixing wood tones happily in a space that is currently dominated by dark walnut tones.

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Painting Accent Walls - Paint Colors for One Wall

15/6/20· "I did a dining room with three dove-gray walls and one dark blue wall, a royal blue with just a little, little bit of red in it. At night, with the shine from the silver on the table, it was sexy ...

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